The 42nd IPS will be held in Grand Junction, Colorado, from 10-15 July, 2016. Please go to for more information.
IPS members on the internet: Drs. Jesse Sabatini, Jay Poret, and their co-worker Mr. Russell Broad have won the 2014 NJ Edison Patent Award for their work on green light-emitting pyrotechnics!

A message from our Archivist, Dr. Anthony P. Shaw:
Over the next several months the Society's website will be redesigned with the goal of providing the membership an improved platform for the exchange of information. Members will be informed by email as these changes are implemented.
Members are entitled to 10 free proceedings articles per year. These requests may be made directly by email to To browse the tables of contents of past proceedings, please visit the IPSUSA website, where a searchable list has been posted in PDF format. Full proceedings on CDs are available for sale via IPSUSA.

Dr. Anthony P. Shaw
Archivist, International Pyrotechnics Society


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